Hello and Welcome to Nubody Massage 

Nubody massage is owned and run by me, Lindsay Mahon and I take pride in delivering professional consultations and treatments to meet your needs. 
I received my Certificate and Diploma in Raynor Naturopathic Massage after training in London in March 2014, and qualified as an Advanced Fusion Massage Practitioner and Hopi Ear Candling Practitioner in October 2015. Most recently, in May 2017, I trained on the Advanced Raynor Naturopathic Masssage course, taught by Brandon Raynor himself. 
I first discovered Raynor Massage therapy in 2012 when I sought treatment for the cumulative effect of 20 years of London commuting and general work-related stress from a pressurised office job. At the time I was suffering with severe neck and shoulder tension which was causing pain and constant discomfort, and was this was affecting my sleep, work and life in general. 
Prior to the Raynor treatment, I had tried physiotherapy and acupuncture, with mixed results, but did not see either as a long-term treatment for me. After a bit of internet research I found a Raynor therapist working close to where I lived, so with nothing to lose and plenty to gain, I booked an appointment. 
I still remember how I felt arriving for that first appointment, not knowing quite what to expect, and feeling a bit nervous. I had received massages before, at spas and salons, but I expected this to be a bit different – and it was! 
The treatment was thorough, and the therapist spent time exploring why I was there, alongside finding out what factors affected my pain. This was followed by a thorough assessment and explanation of the treatment I needed. I felt positive results from the treatment within the next few days – I slept better, had more movement in my neck and shoulders, and I noticed the pain had gone and the discomfort was hardly there. As I continued to live the same life, I went for regular massage treatments to help me manage the stress as it manifested physically as tension. It made such a huge difference, and I became such a fan that I wanted to learn more and enrolled to train. The rest, as they say, is history. 
I am fully insured to practice all the treatments I offer and look forward to meeting you soon. 
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